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Offering a highly personalized and dedicated service, we place great importance and commitment to build a strong client relationship, always tailoring our approach to meet each individual client’s needs and delivering on time and budget. Our projects always combine a creative timeless approach with a signature elegant and luxurious style.
The birth of innovative and sophisticated firm

Ever since its establishment in 2005, Frontline has been a one stop design & furnishing company that dedicates the market targeting to the upscale projects that respects high craftsmanship, superb detailing, material and finishing.

On its striving journey, Frontline design studio received appreciations and trusts from the high-rollers, the high class people on the fast lane.

The Frontline design studio now has become a benchmark and turn point for furniture design in Jakarta, Surabaya and surroundings.

Prioritising in

We take furnishing quality at a very serious stage. The Frontline design studio’s furnishings collection stems from the group’s leaders ability and capacity to capture and represent contemporary culture and respond quickly to the new needs that emerge from today’s evolving luxury lifestyles. It is this chemistry resulting from a mix of creativity, innovation and production that creates modern, yet timeless, pieces of designs. 

The Frontline design studio is based in Surabaya and collaborates with international architects, leaving its own distinctive mark on each product Frontline will make sure that every design is unique, an exemplification of the values of research, creativity and function. The Frontline culture is simply standing out for innovation, quality, service, design and prestige. 

Base of our competence and service culture

The Frontline design studio firmly believes in the importance of preserving the classic image in such a new contemporary packaging. The Frontline design studio is committed to bring the latest in modern luxurious style that pursue the contemporary objective.

Striving for excellence in quality and unique design, is the secret of Frontline's success in local and national markets. Each of Frontline's furniture collection is made according to craft processes designed to emphasize care for details and finishes. We forefront consistency and perfect balance between tradition, modernity, luxury and rigour, fashion and comfort.

By working with Frontline design studio, property developers can enhance the excellence of their positioning. With a spectacular design approach, developers can pursue economies of their own scale and increase their visibility.

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